Hello! Welcome to Ning Yun's home on-line.
I was born  in Tianjin, the second largest city in north of China, and graduated from Nanjing University in 2005. Now I'm working in Beijing as an IT specialist mainly focus on Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). This website was born on Apr. 1st, 2010. Yes! Exactly Fool's Day. In fact, this website has been planned for a long time and some of its components has published since Feb. 2010. Anyway, just enjoy it and make us closer and closer...
Good health to my parents and good luck to you!  

My Blog...

If you're interested in IT areas especially Oracle and ERP related know ,please
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My Blog. I would like to share my knowledge and experience as well as some of my life with everyone in the world and hope to grow together with you in the same world.

My Father's Jewelry Store...

If you're interested in the jewelries especially the diamonds, please
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My Father's Jewelry Store. The purpose of the site is to facilitate my father's oral introduction during sales process by presenting the products and the basic knowledge of diamond identifying and purchasing on the web.

My Gallery...

If you're interested in my pictures and my travel memories, haha..., please
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My Gallery. I presented my pictures by different topics in the albums. Enjoy it with me!

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